Using Employment Newsgroups in Your Job Search

Employment Newsgroups Job Search Resources

Newsgroups are online, message-based communities of people with common interests.
Each newsgroup is dedicated to a topic, and you may write, search, read and reply
to messages about that topic. Several newsgroups are job and career related.

Some groups are dedicated to employment advertising, while others are dedicated
to resume
submissions, job wanted messages, or general discussions about employment and
The Usenet Employment Newsgroups are a very productive source of job posting. Thousands
of jobs are posted to the various Newsgroups each day and these opportunities are
often overlooked by most online job seekers. Many Employers,
Recruiters, and Job Sites automatically post their positions to the Newsgroups,
and the groups serve as a Meta Job Search Engine. Unfortunately, since these are all
free postings and anyone can post to newsgroups the groups are filled with off
topic posts, scams, and other worthless junk.

Tips for Your Job Search

Most online job seekers do not use the employment newsgroups.
Most job seekers concentrate their efforts on the large commercial job sites and
the employment newsgroups require some time and effort to investigate and use
efficiently. Use the JobMetaSeek Newsgroup Directory to determine if any of the employment
groups could be useful in your job search. Look for employment newsgroups serving
your industry, occupation or locations of interest.

If you decide to incorporate one or more of the newsgroups into your job search,
you will want to use a program specifically designed for newsgroups. Web site
interfaces, such as Google or the newsgroup function in Outlook Express are
not the best methods to access this material. One of the best Newsreader
available is
Agent. It is available free of charge or can be upgraded for a small
fee. The program comes with complete installation instructions and it includes
excellent filtering tools. Once you configure the software, the process of
retrieving and reading the messages of interest is more or less automatic.