Your Daily Behavior Will Determine Your Employment Results

Most college students want to find and land good jobs when they graduate. They know that it takes a good job, one that pays well, to enable them to do things that are important to them. Most students would like to:

– Rent and furnish an apartment
– Purchase a car
– Pay back their college loans
– Keep their phones, computers and electronic gadgets updated
– Spend money on clothes, dating and entertainment

At some point, most will also want to:

– Get married
– Purchase a house
– Take vacations
– Have children

Graduating with a good job will help students get started on these paths. Some students can only dream about those things. That is because few students fully understand and appreciate what it takes to obtain the job offers that they seek. However, if they are serious in their pursuit, they would be wise to modify their approach.

“Wise students pursue and complete a small and achievable task every single day, one that will move them closer to their ultimate goal.”

The current objective is not to land a good job at graduation. The immediate object is to do something every day that will help them prepare for, identify and land a good job. There are hundreds of things that need to be done. Importantly, if they are not done, you will not be in a position to compete for the jobs that will satisfy your own needs and wants. Strong, steady and continuous progress is the best approach.

A long series of activities and behaviors are required before any student can reach their ultimate employment goal. Those daily behaviors and results include:

– Attending class
– Learning what is being taught
– Studying
– Getting good grades on tests, projects, papers and in labs
– Developing and carrying out an employment plan of action
– Playing a leadership roll in something that is important to you
– Learning how to conduct a job search
– Researching potential employers
– Finding out what employers need, want and expect
– Doing the things that employers need, want and expect
– Gaining some work experience
– Preparing a list of successes and accomplishments
– Continuously building on your strengths
– Creating an employment network
– Building relationships with your most impressive references
– Working on these items every day, every week, every semester, every year

You must take these initial steps in faith, believing that they are likely to move you closer to your ultimate goal. There are no easy or quick payoffs in the employment preparation process. Slow, steady, consistently, high quality performance is what employers need and want. They are in it for the long hall.

Students who show only flashes of ability are difficult to judge. Many employers will not take the time to try to figure out if they have potential. Employers would much prefer to spend time with students who have already demonstrated their capabilities over their entire college experience, not just in the past six months.

If you are concerned about landing a good job, focus on what you can and should be doing each and every day, the things that will make you a stronger candidate for employment.